Using the latest wireless technology to provide high speed Internet access to areas traditional broadband cannot reach.

Why Wireless?

If you are a long way from your exchange and/or in a very rural area, the quality of your phone line may mean that high speed Internet is impossible, regardless of which provider you use. In some areas you may be able to use a Wifi hotspot, or mobile 3G Internet, but in our experience, these tend to be slow, intermittent and while fine for a bit of mobile browsing, are not really designed as a broadband replacement.

Our wireless service does not rely on old phone lines and does not function like a Wifi hotspot, which tend to provide an unreliable connection with heavy contention and traffic limiting. As long as you are able to pick up a signal from one of our distribution masts, we can provide a high speed connection. We have many customers who were either still having to use dialup modems, or had an intermittent broadband connection of less than 1Mbps, that are now downloading at 20Mbps.


7Connect - Premium Service

There are two ways of connecting many customers to a wireless network:

Daisy Chain

With this method, some customers connect directly to the distribution masts. However, other customers may receive their service by connecting to other users, making a chain. The problem with this system is that while it can sometimes allow service to be provided to customers who cannot directly see the mast, they rely on the first customer having their equipment running. If the first customer loses power, has problems with their equipment or no longer wants the service, all customers further down the chain also lose their connection.


With this configuration, all customers connect directly to a distribution mast. We use this system and although it sometimes means we cannot provide service to customers who don't have line or sight to a mast or have large buildings/trees in the way, every customer can be confident that their service is not going to be lost due to problems with other users.


We also take pride in providing a premium service. We control the entire network and are never at the mercy of third parties, such as is the case with traditional broadband, where providers can take days or weeks to fix problems. As above, all customers connect directly to one of our distribution masts and our engineers respond to any issues with these as soon as possible, 365 days a year.



Can I use my game console with 7Connect?

Yes, although the connection technology is different, our service functions just like normal broadband and you can do everything you would usually be able to do on the Internet. In fact, our wireless customers tend to see latency ('ping' time) that is half or even a third of standard broadband making it much better for gaming.

Do I have to have a large dish installed

No, you do not need a large dish or antenna installed. The client equipment is a discrete flat box (approx 30 x 8 x 3cm). In some cases we may need to use larger equipment to get a good signal, which will be either a 20, 30 or 40cm dish, similar to a sateelite dish. We will consult with the customer during installation if this is the case.

How does the service compare with traditional broadband?

Our wireless system provides better performance (our customers tend to get exactly the speed ordered), lower latency and much quicker fault resolution. In addition, if you need help or to report a fault, you can call and speak directly to an engineer rather than a call centre.

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